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  • Annie Lucid

bathroom vanity cabinet // organize + declutter


links to all products used

see the project budget breakdown

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quick story:

last fall, while pregnant with baby number 3, i began what's now become a full-on mini-obsession with decluttering & organizing our small home

it's starting making the whole space more usable and the environment more enjoyable for our family ... and also for myself, since i'm a stay-at-home/work-from-home mompreneur

my point is:

let's just say, the minimalists are def onto something ... and our 1,000 square feet home is a lot more comfortable as a family of 5 the more we simplify our lives like this

it's not really about just getting rid of things ... but being INTENTIONAL with our environment

{ which is a lesson we can apply to so many areas of life + business, tbh }


BUT all of this brings us to → this week's project:

declutter + organize: the bathroom vanity cabinet

i already had this Brightroom one-drawer organizer (in white) from target -- so i used it as my starting point

1️⃣ the first step

was to find a 2nd organizer that could fit in the space, while also ...

  • working around the plumbing

  • trying to ensure drawers could open

  • making the most of the space

i actually bought a different, plastic, sliding organizer from amazon first, but did't love the look or fit ... so that's in my kids' closet holding extra shoes now 😆

this is when i settled on the matching brightroom 2-tier sliding organizer from target (which I also purchased in white)

it was a near-perfect fit in the space, and i love using coordinating pieces whenever possible -- PLUS i managed to find it during a sale 🙌🏼

2️⃣ next up was adding a few complementary organizing products

  1. small 3x6" plastic bin

this rests on top of the target organizer shelf, and holds our mini bathroom trash bags so well
that's also where all my bathroom cleaning products, so this is the perfect spot to store these little bags

2. command strips! ... who doesn't love command strips!?

i added a large command strip to the side of the cabinet, so i could hang the brush i use to clean our shower tile
i wanted it out of the way, and now it will dry faster, keeping everything a little cleaner, too!


the whole project

was really just 4 products + some cleaning + some decluttering/reorganizing

and the best part ... it took about 30 minutes & only about $30!

{ check out the project & budget breakdown below }

• • • • • •

so now, without further ado ... here's the full project video ⬇️⬇️⬇️



see the whole project cost breakdown + my savings here

the products i used:

1️⃣ 1-tier shelf — $18 // target (already had)

2️⃣ 2-tier shelf — $20 // target

3️⃣ oggi 3x6” plastic bin — $2.99 // amazon

4️⃣ command strip — $1.57 each // amazon

my cost/savings:

if i were to go out and just buy these items, it would have cost me $42.59 ..... not bad 🤷🏼‍♀️

but i didn't! i bought the new 2-tier organizer on sale at target, and saved 10% → so my total overall cost now = $36.96

PLUS I already had the single-tied organizer → i bought it 20% off, a year or so ago (so i don't really count this toward this project's budget, personally) ... which means, personally, i count my cost to complete this whole project to be $22.56


💡 takeaways:

→ i intentionally chose the new product i did to go with what i already had! 👏🏻

→ when adding organizing products, i’m always trying to make what i have work, in some way

lesson of the day: start with what you have, then add in a couple additional products (if needed) to really make it functional!

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